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LIC Housing Finance Loan Status

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About LIC Housing Finance

LIC Housing Finance Ltd is one name you can trust when it comes to housing finance. LIC Housing Finance has been providing quality service to its customers since many years and has gained a lot of goodwill in the housing finance sector and its market share has increased over the past years drastically. The major reason for customer’s choosing the services for LIC Housing Finance is that it is one of the best companies that deals with housing finance related products and provides best in the class services and products keeping in mind the customer requirements at a very reasonable rate in India. As of today, LIC Housing Finance reaches more than 115 offices in India and has its representative office in Dubai.

LIC Housing Finance loan status

Although the loan system followed by LIC Housing Finance is very transparent and efficient, the company has not been able to provide any LIC Housing Finance loan status tracking system. The customers have to either contact the LIC Housing Finance office to get the information on loan disbursement or ask their agents from whom they were enrolled for the loan offer for LIC Housing Finance loan status. LIC Housing Finance is using the manual system of tracking, which it feels is safer than the online model. There have been lots of suggestions pouring in from the customers about inclusion of tracking software on their website, which is essential for LIC Housing Finance loan status. It is being hoped that in near future, the customers would be able to track the loan status of LIC Housing Finance and loan disbursement procedures and would be able to contact the LIC Housing Finance officials accordingly. This software would be very helpful in getting information about the status of the loan disbursement and where and whom we need to contact in case the loan amount is not disbursed timely.

Every customer wishes that he gets his loan amount as early as possible. So, it would be helpful if the loan status of LIC Housing Finance tracking software is available at some section of the LIC Housing Finance website to track the status of loan, sitting anywhere in India. This would also give a lot of relief to the banking authorities to not cater to loan information related enquiries over phone or email as the customer would be able to find it out. So, loan status of LIC Housing Finance would be possible through installing loan status of LIC Housing Finance tracker software on the LIC Housing Finance website.

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